Author of the critically acclaimed novels RESOLVE, Measure Twice, & Chalk's Outline



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It’s about time somebody gave Hannibal Lecter a run for his money. Lester Mayton, the serial killer who sets new standards of murderous inventiveness in J.J. Hensley’s new novel “Measure Twice,” is up to the task. Hensley walks a reader right up the edge of unbearable dread, then leavens it with flashes of witty insights into the way local bureaucracies and political infighting can hamper something even as critical as the need to stop a killer before he strikes again.

-- Gwen Florio, award-winning author of Montana and Dakota

J.J. Hensley keeps you turning the pages from the very start.  A finely crafted story of redemption, MEASURE TWICE will keep your adrenaline pumping.                                

​-- Tim Green, bestselling author of The Forth Perimeter and Exact Revenge


"J.J. Hensley's debut novel is a lean, fast-paced, suspenseful murder mystery -- told with style, intelligence, and wit. It pulled me in immediately and kept me guessing from start to finish."                                                 

-- John Verdon - bestselling author of Let The Devil Sleep

RESOLVE marks the emergence of J.J. Hensley as a crime writer to watch, an author whose real world scars give him an insight into fiction's mean streets."                                                 

--James Grady - author of Six Days of the Condor and Mad Dogs

The Pittsburgh Marathon serves as the backdrop for this impressive first novel from former police officer and Secret Service agent Hensley... This artfully constructed mystery makes effective use of the third-rate-college setting and of Pittsburgh, as revealed by the course of the marathon, marked by each of the 26 chapters plus a brief final one headed “.2.”

​-- Publishers Weekly (see full review here)

Five Stars...this is a near-perfect debut that gripped me from the crowds milling at the starting line, to the exhausting sprint across the finish line.

​-- Rachel Cotterill Book Reviews (see full review here)

​It takes serious resolve to run a marathon, to solve a crime, or to kill someone, and this Pittsburgh race provides a perfect framework for the murder to come. But what makes a former police officer turned criminology professor turn so far from the rule of law? The route twists and turns through wide streets of clean modernity down into poverty and shame, while the plot twists through Keller’s memories, giving both race and mystery a taut immediacy. Perfectly paced like the runner’s tread, cleverly revealed, tautly plotted and convincingly woven, Resolve brings vivid excitement and complex drama to marathon running, murder and investigation. Authentic, compelling, gripping and impossible to put down, this pleasingly different mystery novel is highly recommended.

​-- Sheila Deeth, (see full review here)

Hensley has drawn upon his law enforcement experience and his love of long-distance running to create a fast-paced novel about murder at the Pittsburgh Marathon.  The descriptions of running rituals and what happens once sneakers are laced feels real enough to get the heart of even the most committed couch potatoes racing.  

​-- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (see full review here)